Lavender Comfort Neck Wrap
Lavender Comfort Neck Wrap
Lavender Comfort Neck Wrap

Lavender Comfort Neck Wrap

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We just couldn't create any old warm-able neck wrap! We had to craft the best, and we did right here on our farm! We know our neck wraps. Spending nearly 34 years in the spa industry and being a therapist myself, these neck wraps, (and I say neck, you can use them on any "achey - breaky"part of you), are a whopping 32 inches long, 6 inches wide and are filled with nearly 4 lbs of non-GMO grains and of course, Lavender! They hold the heat beautifully and cast that heavenly aroma of lavender. 

With special care, this comforting wrap will last you for years to come. Do not wash. Spot treat if you must or cover with pillow case (not included).

    • Made in the USA
    • 100% Original Striped Cotton Ticking
    • Filling: Lavender Buds, Non-GMO rice
    • BONUS: Includes 1 Oz Lavender Fog to refresh.


Instructions for use: Begin with 3 minutes on high in the microwave. Add 30 seconds until it reaches the desired temperature. Only heat from room temperature.

*Do not use if you have an allergy to lavender or rice. This product can cause burns. Do not ingest contents. Not suitable for children. Not suitable for use on infants or individuals who have poor circulations, diabetes or sensitive skin. 

Customer Reviews

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Love this lavender wrap and all the products I have received and given as gifts! Especially all the Xander Bunnies. Traveling home from a baby shower in Boston for grand baby girl expected in Jan 2019

Thank you again Bonnie! We so appreciate you!
The ultimate spa treatment when u need it

I loved the look of this comfort wrap. The smell was a plus. Funny how lavender soothes the soul as well at the wrap is heating and hugging the body. With a cup of tea with some lavender honey one can almost feel normal again. Truly a delight!!!

Love this. Thank you Joanne!
Works well

I use this in my office it’s nice because it’s not too overpowering to disturb anyone else

Best sleep aid!

I have had trouble sleeping. Ever since I started spraying just a little on my pillow every night I go right to sleep. It is wonderful! Recommended it to a friend who had open heart surgery (like me) and also had trouble sleeping! It is GREAT! Thank you for such a great product

Thank you! This is so great to hear!
Nice Smell

I got this spray for my wife. She keeps it in the laundry room and uses it on towels and sheets. I'm sensitive to strong smells and odors and this spray does not bother me a bit. I actually really like it.