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Lavender Infused Spun Honey - Spreadable


 Look no further for a lavender-infused honey that is spreadable and delicious - choose our premium, unfiltered raw honey! 

From a practical standpoint, we love the creamed honey to liquid honey. This is because its thickness makes less of a mess in the kitchen. No more streams of honey trailing across the kitchen counter when making a peanut butter and honey sandwich! 

No sticky drips on the floor, table, or counters to clean up! What more can you ask for! 

How We Give Back

For each and every Xander Bunny you purchase, we donate one to a child in foster care. This soft, warmable animal is filled with fresh Lavender flowers, grown in our fields, and soothing Michigan cherry pits. Designed for anyone who wants a bit of comfort or relaxation, this cuddly friend makes the perfect companion. Our mission is to give a warmable, Lavender filled Xander Bunny to every child in foster care. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Customer (Orange, US)
Love lavender!!!!

I love everything about your products!

Julie O’Connor (Everett, US)
Spun Honey

Wonderful product! Great taste and nice texture! It was wrapped with care and was received quickly. Thank you!

Tammi Green (San Bernardino, US)
Tami's Rating

I love everything!

Frankie McCaffety (Huntsville, US)
Hot Tea!

I enjoy a cup of hot bedtime tea and the Lavender Infused Spun Honey is simply a divine addition in the evening.

Pamela Van Fleet (Alpharetta, US)

Lavender Infused Spun Honey - Spreadable