Ceramic Oil Diffusers -7 color LED - Daisy

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Ceramic Oil Diffusers -7 color LED - Daisy

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A classic, elegant essential oil diffuser with LED lights in 7 colors!

There is nothing like creating a living environment that relaxes and bathes you in comfort, all the while adding a soothing humidity that helps relieve dry, chapped skin. Come home to a spa-like atmosphere by diffusing pure USDA essential oils in our Ceramic diffuser. It’s as simple as adding water and 6-7 drops of  Lavender Life oils. All Ceramic is Hand-Crafted! Choose your style and diffuse. 


An elegant white diffuser hand-crafted from real ceramic in a simple-but-captivating design with a faux-flame candle. Turn on the warm white or colored lights to transform the piece.

  • 7.5 inches x 4.5 inches
  • 6 color LED cycle
  • 100 ml
  • Ultra quiet
  • Coverage Up to 1000 square feet
  • Run time Up to 14 hours

*1 Year Warranty from date of purchase.


64,320 Xander Bunnies Donated

How We Give Back

For each and every Xander Bunny you purchase, we donate one to a child in foster care. This soft, warmable animal is filled with fresh Lavender flowers, grown in our fields, and soothing Michigan cherry pits. Designed for anyone who wants a bit of comfort or relaxation, this cuddly friend makes the perfect companion. Our mission is to give a warmable, Lavender filled Xander Bunny to every child in foster care.