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Tackle Those Breakouts with a Little Lavender

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Do you or someone in your family deal with annoying acne flare-ups? The summer tends to cause an increase in acne, because the hot weather means more sweating, and more oil building up on the skin. It’s the ideal environment for breakouts. But did you know lavender can help?

While lavender is of course more commonly known and used for stress relief, it sure can benefit your skin too. And with the correlation of stress and acne…lavender to the rescue!

The easiest way to incorporate it into you skincare routine is to add lavender oil to coconut oil and apply it after washing your face. Or even use it as a toner by adding a few drops of lavender oil to a teaspoon of witch hazel – then apply to your face.The benefits of lavender oil aromatherapy include relaxation and stress reduction, which in turn can reduce those potential stress-related breakouts.

But what if your acne isn’t necessarily stress-induced? No problem, because lavender oil can be used topically (directly on your skin) for some amazing benefits. Because lavender is anti-inflammatory, it helps unclog pores and works to kill bacteria – so it’s a perfect tool in the fight against acne and those stubborn pimples that pop up.

The best part of natural acne remedies is that you can create your own mixture that suits your skin’s needs.

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