Meet Xander the Super-Soft, Lavender Stuffed Bunny, Cat and Dog

Meet the Xander stuffed bunny, cat and dog family, our collection of plush, lovable comfort animals on a mission to do good!

Xander Bunny - Super-soft and soothing stuffed bunnies make the perfect  gifts for kids of any age!

With it's floppy ears, big paws with a glow in the dark heart, and pink nose, super-soft, stuffed Xander Bunny is too cute to resist.

With a removable, warming or cooling lavender-filled insert, Xander Bunny offers extra comfort to kids of any age!

Have even more fun with your Xander Bunny by dressing it up in cute clothes made just for it.

Available in Standard size and giant XL size.

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Xander Stuffed Bunny for Kids


Xander Dog

The puppy love is contagious with Xander Dog, this huggable, lovable, four-legged friend. For those times when a little extra love is needed, Xander Dog comes with a removable, microwaveable lavender-filled heat pack. You can also show off Xander Dog's style with cute as can be clothing.

Available in: Standard size and XL

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Xander Stuffed Easter Bunnies

Xander Cat

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Our Mission

Xander Bunny and Xander Dog don't just look good, but do good, too! For every Xander Bunny or Xander Dog purchased, a child in foster care receives one as well. This provides at-risk kids a companion that can give them comfort and relaxation when they need it most. Learn more about our mission.

Xander Stuffed Dog for Kids