XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!
XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!
XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!
XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!
XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!

Lavender Life Company

XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!

Sale price$96.99
Color:Midnight XL Cat

Xander Cat, but MUCH bigger! Same softness, cuteness and wonderful warm-able lavender Cat, just a whole lot bigger! 4 x the weight and over all 3 1/2 x the size bigger to be exact!  This big cat weight is over 4.5 lbs.

*Signature Gift Box  too small for XL- Xander Cat.


For every Xander Cat you purchase we will donate one regular size bunny to a child in foster care. 

More Info:

We love this adorable ultra soft animal!  Each Lavender Cat comes with a removable heating pack that, when heated, supplies warmth and softness. The reusable heat packs provide a minimum of 20 minutes of continuous warmth, offering plenty of time to get you or your little bud some much needed relaxation.  And unlike some stuffed animals, the animal cover of all Xander Buds can be hand washed to stay clean and germ free - we really like that!

      • Size: Animal Shell is 27 x 13 and reusable removable heat/cooling pack is 12in x 13 in
      • Ingredients: Animal shell is hypo-allergenic polyester. Heat pack is filled with Michigan Cherry Stones and Lavender buds
      • Care: Warm hand wash, air dry (animal outer cover only)
      • Packaging: Each Xander Dog comes in a Linen Keep Sake Bag that doubles as a backpack.
      • Production: Made in USA, shell imported
      • Safety: Tested against and passed ASTM requirements.
      • Inspect frequently. *Please do not leave in a cot/ crib according to your pediatrician's advisement
      • Copyright Registration: V Au 1-415-236

Instructions: Please remove lavender filled purple bag from the inside XL Xander Cat, and warm  in the microwave for 1 minute. Replace inside of Cat and enjoy!

64,320 Xander Bunnies Donated

How We Give Back

For each and every Xander Bunny you purchase, we donate one to a child in foster care. This soft, warmable animal is filled with fresh Lavender flowers, grown in our fields, and soothing Michigan cherry pits. Designed for anyone who wants a bit of comfort or relaxation, this cuddly friend makes the perfect companion. Our mission is to give a warmable, Lavender filled Xander Bunny to every child in foster care.