Xander Friends

Experience the magic of Xander Friends - the softest, lavender-filled, warm-able, plush companions specially designed to bring warmth, comfort, and a touch of love to children in need. Each Xander Friend is more than just a stuffed animal; it's a cherished friend, glowing with a heart on the bottom of their foot - a constant reminder to its young owner that they are truly loved and never alone.

Xander Friends

Filled with lavender from our very own Lavender Life Farm, Xander Friends exude a soothing and calming fragrance, making them the perfect ally for bedtime routines or moments of solace.

Xander Friends are more than just toys; they are a symbol of hope and connection for children in foster care. Through our non-profit organization, Xander Community, we donate these plush friends to vulnerable children in foster care, letting them know that they are valued and cared for.

Every purchase and donation you make directly contributes to supporting these deserving children, spreading joy and comfort with every Xander Friend delivered. Join us in making a difference in the lives of these young ones. Purchase a Xander Friend today and help us continue spreading love to those who need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Lavender for Children

There are many proven benefits of lavender for children that can promote improvement in a range of health conditions. Lavender can have a calming effect that has been shown to help with anxiety, insomnia, and even ADHD. Because of its calming properties, it is commonly used for kids who have trouble sleeping or who struggle to relax before bedtime.

With Xander microwavable stuffed animals, you can get all the benefits of lavender in cute and cuddly scented stuffed animals that your kids can take with them wherever they go!

Uses for Xander

Xander stuffed animals are microwavable, scented, weighted, and highly huggable. The toy is the perfect size to cuddle with at night, play with all day long, or even snuggle up to on cold winter nights. Xander's unique scent comes from the lavender buds used in the stuffed animal, as well as the other earth-friendly materials used to make it.

The scented stuffed animals include a pouch of lavender buds and Michigan cherry stones that can be microwaved in less than 30 seconds. After being microwaved, the pouch helps keep the stuffed animal warm for 20 minutes or more.

On the other hand, if your little one is already too warm, throw the pouch into the freezer for a while to help them cool down. The stuffed animals can also be hand washed and laid out to dry, so you don't have to worry about them getting dirty or losing their softness over time.

Xander's many uses include:

A travel companion

A bedtime buddy

A comfort item for stressful situations (a new baby in the house or a move)

Lavender-Filled Animal Toys for Soothing Sleep

This adorable line of microwavable stuffed animals scented with lavender is excellent for soothing sleep and helping to calm your mind.

Lavender has many possible benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, improving focus, improving sleep quality, and helping with pain management. Lavender can also be linked to reduced stress levels by triggering the production of serotonin in the brain.

Stuffed Animals for Children With Short Attention Spans

If you've got a child with a short attention span, you know that sometimes getting them to sit still can be challenging. The weight and scent of the Xander stuffed animal help alleviate children's sensory needs and aid them in focusing. The smell, weight, and heat of your child's new favorite toy will help your child recenter their focus and stay on task.

Xander Community 501(c)(3)

Xander Community is a public charity that gifts lavender-filled, warm-able comfort toys we call Xander Friends to some of our most vulnerable children.

Xander Community:

1. Gets a Xander Friend to children in foster care

2. Brings awareness to the faceless crises of foster care

3. Rallies volunteers throughout the country with our Community Partnerships to answer the question "What else can be done?". 

Your donations and purchases allows us to get these Friends to public, private, and kinship care agencies throughout the united States. 

Give the Gift of Xander

Xander Bunnies make an excellent gift for anyone who wants a bit of comfort or relaxation—and who doesn't? It's so soft and warmable, and it's like having a little bundle of joy to snuggle with all day long.

One of the best things about our Xander stuffed animals is that they make the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Even adults love the snuggly toys! If you're looking for a gift for someone you love, look no further than our Xander weighted, scented stuffed animals.