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 lavender Comfort Dog | Best Xander Dog | Lavender Life Company lavender Comfort Dog | Best Xander Dog | Lavender Life Company
Xander Dog - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal
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Xander Baby Clothes Set | Xander Clothes | Lavender Life CompanyXander Baby Clothes Set | Xander Clothes | Lavender Life Company
Xander Clothes
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Gift Box with Handle Gift Box with Handle
Gift Box
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Replacement Xander Friends
Best Xl Xander Dog | Xander Dog | Lavender Life CompanyBest Xl Xander Dog | Xander Dog | Lavender Life Company
XL Xander Dog- Like Xander Dog, but LARGER!
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Rabbit Foster CareRabbit Foster Care
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Retro Shades Sunglasses Retro Shades Sunglasses
Retro Sunglasses 400 UV Protectant
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Xander Stuffed Dog Gift Set | Xander Dog | Lavender Life CompanyXander Stuffed Dog Gift Set | Xander Dog | Lavender Life Company
Xander Stuffed Dog Gift Set- With Clothing & More
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Dog Lavender Bag
Replacement Xander Bunny
Replacement for Middle Size Xander Bunny
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Lavender is a beautiful and fragrant purple flower. Alongside its beauty, this flower has incredible healing powers. When combined with a comfort toy, this is a perfect option for little ones who struggle with sleep, as the lavender helps promote better sleep and relaxation.

You can choose from standard options - such as a dusty grey dog stuffed animal - or go with something non-traditional like pink, purple, green, or blue. These microwavable stuffed animals make for the perfect sleepy-time pal for your child.

Benefits of Lavender

With such a calming effect and pleasing scent, lavender has antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, it is effective against many species of bacteria due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Lavender is well-known for its calming properties. As it works to calm the brain, lavender is effective in helping with anxiety-induced sleep problems and restlessness. If your child suffers from anxiety or trouble falling asleep, the lavender scent can help calm their nervous system, making it easier for them to get to dreamland.

A Good Night's Rest

Stuffed animals provide a great sense of security, which is essential for children. During high-stress times or times of change, stuffed animals can be a comfort object that allows children to cope with such life changes and environments. Our Xander Dog stuffed animals have a glow-in-the-dark heart on their paw that recharges in sunlight. This can add an extra layer of comfort for those little ones who are uncomfortable at night.

On top of this, a beloved stuffed animal can help children who are feeling lonely or isolated. When they have a snuggly brown dog stuffed animal to hold onto, they may feel safe and comfortable, no matter the situation. And when they get the added benefit of warmth and a pleasing scent from microwavable stuffed animals, it's even better.

In many cases, you may not even know why your child is struggling to sleep. Consider offering them a snuggly weighted stuffed animal to help calm their nervous system and relieve any stress or anxiety that built up through the day. You may be surprised how much this small change can improve the quality of your child's nighttime sleep.

For Dog-loving Children

Does your child have a particular love for dogs? If so, consider a brown dog stuffed animal to help represent their favorite pup. You can even choose another color, whether something realistic for a dog or something a little more fun. 

Choosing dog microwavable stuffed animals gives your child the opportunity to connect with the toy and relax with it even more. A dog can represent so much to a child, including safety, comfort, and calm. A brown (or any of our other beautiful colors!) dog stuffed animal can easily be a friend your child can go to and love unconditionally.

Weighted for Comfort

Weighted items are gaining more and more attention. From weighted blankets to weighted microwavable stuffed animals, these items are heavier than the norm, made with things like glass beads or heavy pellets placed inside. Weighted items like our adorable brown dog stuffed animal offer deep pressure touch, which helps calm the nervous system and create a more relaxing, calm environment for your child.

Weighted stuffed animals are gaining popularity with children (and adults!) of all ages, stages, and emotional well-being. While originally these toys were thought only to be comforting to those with anxiety or other mental health concerns, we've found that options like a weighted white dog stuffed animal can offer comfort and calm to anyone.

Fun Extras

When you choose one of our Xander Dogs as your little one's next favorite toy, there are a variety of fun extras you can choose to include. From a cute dress to adorable overalls and a t-shirt, you or your child can choose the perfect outfit for their pup. You can even add some fun shades to complete the look!

Consider getting an extra lavender bag to have around if you ever need to replace the original that your little one's Xander Dog came with. These lavender bags are the core of what makes our puppy pals uniquely suited for bedtime snuggles. You don't want to be left without the calming, relaxing benefits of the lavender-infused microwavable pouch, so having an extra on hand is always a good idea.