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Xander Cat - Lavender Life CompanyXander Cat - Lavender Life Company
Xander Cat - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal
Sale price$39.95
Xander ClothesXander Clothes
Xander Clothes
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XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER! - Lavender Life CompanyXL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!
XL Xander Cat- Like Xander Cat, but LARGER!
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Gift BoxGift Box - Lavender Life Company
Gift Box
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Replacement for Original Size Xander Friends
Replacement Lavender Bag for XL Size Xander Friends
Retro Sunglasses 400 UV Protectant - Lavender Life CompanyRetro Sunglasses 400 UV Protectant - Lavender Life Company
Retro Sunglasses 400 UV Protectant
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Replacement for Middle Size Xander Bunny
Replacement for Middle Size Xander Bunny
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Xander Cat comes in multiple colors and sizes so that you can find the perfect cat stuffed animal for your child, including:

  • Misty
  • Marmalade
  • and Midnight

An added feature is the glow-in-the-dark on Xander Cat's paws. He can be recharged in the sunlight to be by your side indoors and out!

Lavender has restorative powers that provide excellent comfort and relaxation. If you have a child that has a difficult time going to sleep or feels anxious for various reasons, lavender is a great way to ease your mind and calm the body. Xander is filled with Michigan Cherry Stones and Organic Lavender flowers giving off a comforting aroma everywhere you bring him.

If your child also gets headaches, lavender can help to relieve that. When your child gets into their bedtime routine, some habits they can incorporate are to cut screen time. Altogether avoid it an hour before, dim the lights, adjust the room's temperature accordingly, have some quiet time, and bring in a Xander cat lavender-infused stuffed animal.

Get your Xander cat stuffed animal in one of three beautiful colors. Based on your child's favorite colors, or colors to match their room, get Xander in Misty, Marmalade, or Midnight if your child would like a black cat stuffed animal.

Each Xander Cat is filled, sewn, and packaged with care within the USA. The hypo-allergenic shell is imported. Xander passed ASTM requirements and is safe for newborns. However, frequent inspection is advised. According to your pediatrician's advertisement, please do not leave your Xander Cat in the cot/crib.

Size Options

Xander is 13" x 8" and the reusable, removable heat/cooling pack is 6" x 7"

Extra Xander love comes from the XL Xander Cat with more warmth, softness, cuddles, and relaxation! This extra loving cat stuffed animal weight is filled with over 4.5 lbs and is 3.5x bigger than the regular Xander Cat.


To maintain him, just hand wash him regularly, and he'll be ready to snuggle and play with again! For extra snuggles, therapeutic support, and warmth, put Xander Cat in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Custom Options

Want to customize your Xander Cat? We offer a variety of fun clothing options for your favorite Xander friend. Dresses, pants and shirts, and even pajamas are just some of the fun custom options you can choose from.


Xander Cat is packaged with love inside a linen keepsake bag that doubles as a backpack. You can also choose to gift Xander in a gift box for an additional $5.99 for your special kid to open as a surprise.

For Cat-Loving Children

Animals that children are drawn to and fond of can reveal a lot about them as people. For example, cat lovers are known to be intellectually curious. They are also known to be more on the introverted side compared to dog people.

The Stuffed Toy That Extends the Love

This cat stuffed animal toy is a gift that keeps on giving. Get a Xander Cat for a child you care about to provide them comfort and relief. And as a bonus, Lavender Life donates one regular-sized Xander Friend to a child in foster care for every Xander Cat purchased. These weighted stuffed animals are a great staple to add to a bedtime routine or to have around whenever the child needs it.