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Raw Honey - Lavender Infused - Lavender Life CompanyRaw Honey - Lavender Infused - Lavender Life Company
Raw Honey - Lavender Infused
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Lavender Infused Spun Honey - Spreadable - Lavender Life CompanyLavender Infused Spun Honey - Spreadable - Lavender Life Company
Lavender Infused Spun Honey - Spreadable
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Culinary Lavender Gift Set Trio - Lavender Life CompanyCulinary Lavender Gift Set Trio - Lavender Life Company
Culinary Lavender Trio Gift Set
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Lavender Tea & Chocolate Gift Box Set - Lavender Life CompanyLavender Tea & Chocolate Gift Box Set - Lavender Life Company
Lavender Tea & Chocolate Gift Box Set
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Lavender/100% Cacao Honey - Lavender Life CompanyLavender/100% Cacao Honey - Lavender Life Company
Lavender/100% Cacao Honey
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Raw Honey - Lavender/LEMON Infused - Lavender Life CompanyRaw Honey - Lavender/LEMON Infused - Lavender Life Company
Raw Honey - Lavender/LEMON Infused
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Lavender/LEMON Infused SPUN Honey - Spreadable - Lavender Life CompanyLavender/LEMON Infused SPUN Honey - Spreadable - Lavender Life Company
Lavender/LEMON Infused SPUN Honey - Spreadable
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Trio Honey Gift SetTrio Honey Gift Set - Lavender Life Company
Trio Honey Gift Set
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Lavender Cherry/Lime Jelly - Lavender Life CompanyLavender Cherry/Lime Jelly - Lavender Life Company
Lavender Cherry/Lime Jelly
Sale price$16.95
Maple Sugar- Organic- Late Season - Lavender Life Company
Maple Sugar- Organic- Late Season
Sale price$15.99

Imagine the freshest, most delicate lavender directly from the farm and fuse it with unfiltered honey. You end up with a blend of heaven-sent decadence in a jar that you can use for multiple purposes. Add a special touch to your kitchen ingredients by mixing lavender and honey, and you should soon find your stress melting away. Lavender may also help soothe burns, headaches, acne, and insomnia. Consider lavender-infused honey for an easy way to include lavender in your life.

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is a perennial plant, and for years, humans have used lavender in the hopes of improving their health and quality of life. Considerable research has been done on lavender and its effects. The perceived benefits of lavender include:

Improved Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, try adding lavender products to your nightly routine. A 2013 study showed that when mice were treated regularly with lavender, it helped them to fall asleep more quickly than usual and sleep for longer. This study also indicated that lavender oil might help reduce high blood pressure.

More recently, a 2022 study backed up these findings by critically reviewing the effect of lavender on those with sleep disorders. Using lavender in aromatherapy or lavender-infused honey is a simple way to explore these findings for yourself, as lavender may be able to help you sleep better too.

Reduced Pain from Headaches

A 2012 study showed that lavender essential oil might be a safe and effective way of managing migraines. Lavender is a beneficial herb to keep nearby. When you're dealing with pain, it's important to find something that helps, and lavender as a pain-relief is a great option. 

Wound Healing

Researchers in 2020 wrote that current studies suggest lavender may help the body heal wounds more quickly than wounds left to heal on their own without lavender. In the years before antiseptics, people often used lavender in hospitals to clean wounds, as it has antimicrobial properties. Although this study notes that lavender products should be standardized for further testing, these results are promising. They may lead to an accessible, affordable remedy in the future for many people.

Less Stress

Lavender is sometimes used to treat anxiety disorders and even depression, as it seems to be effective at lowering your stress levels. It is a great mood stabilizer. In an ever-growing world faced with many tasks and high levels of stress, lavender can clear your mind and ease your thoughts, making it very therapeutic. It can alleviate anxiety and improve one's overall mood.

Improved Cognition

Lavender can also improve your cognition, helping you to make accurate decisions quickly. One study recorded that 108 test subjects made fewer errors on math and letter counting tests when exposed to lavender compared to the number of errors when exposed to jasmine or no scent at all.

Benefits of Lavender-Infused Honey

Lavender can aid in the healing of cuts and burns thanks to its antimicrobial properties, which allow it to clean wounds while deterring infections. A lavender and honey blend can reduce bacterial growth. If you have a sore throat or cough, lavender-infused honey can help to soothe your pain. It can also improve acne and dry, itchy skin. 

Add lavender-infused honey to frosting, lemonade, tea, cookies, cakes, lattes, spreads, parfaits, goat cheese, pancakes, smoothie bowls, a cane sugar substitute, and so many more uses! Lavender and honey are excellent ingredients to have with you in the kitchen to add to all your favorite treats while having a distinct taste that makes them stand out from regular honey. Adding lavender-infused honey to your favorite treats can help you reduce the amount of sugar you eat. Overeating refined sugar can take a significant toll on your health. However, when you start to take control and add in alternatives, like lavender honey, you can start treating your body kindly so it can sustain itself for the long term. 

Lavender-Infused Honey Products

The lavender used in our lavender-infused honey is sourced directly from local Michigan farms. We recommend trying our lavender-infused spun honey spread if you love our honey. Our honeys are specifically made to form very fine crystals. This creates a delicious, spreadable consistency that is similar to peanut butter.  

The raw honey lavender/lemon-infused brings out a kick of zest into the flavor. Use this honey to add to waffles and pancakes or your favorite baked goodies. The lavender/lemon-infused spun honey is a thick spread made from premium, unfiltered raw honey. Its thick consistency makes it the perfect spread and avoids the kitchen mess you usually get with regular gooey honey.

Our lavender 100% cacao honey is also irresistible. We feel it's best enjoyed by the spoonful because it's just that delicious! Dig right into this raw, unfiltered honey full of antioxidants and health-boosting compounds, while cacao enhances your body by providing plenty of vitamins and minerals. Cacao is packed with iron, protein, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. 

Perfect Gifts

Do you know someone who loves to cook or has a fresh collection of ingredients stocked in their kitchen? The culinary lavender gift trio set will be a sweet gift to give them, offering a balance of fresh herbs and sweetness. The trio set comes with all-natural, lavender-flavored honey, lavender extract, and organic lavender herb flowers from the Michigan flower fields, elegantly packaged together.

Lavender extract is the perfect ingredient for baking or beverage needs. It's a simple way to add more lavender flair to your life. Lavender can bring a dish together, and you can easily add it to casual treats such as lemonade and cookies. You can use raw lavender and honey anytime you want to add honey to your food or drinks.

For all the tea lovers, the lavender tea and chocolate gift set is the perfect way to show someone you care. You can choose from various teas such as earl grey, cocoa bean, black and white peppermint, white peony, chai, and probiotic with a fusing of lavender. You can choose to include ruby dark chocolate or deep chocolate with Montmorency Michigan cherries. Add in a hand-poured lavender glow soy candle. This package is the ultimate soothing remedy combined with an all-natural lavender scent to refresh your mind, body, and soul, making it a fantastic gift for anyone.

Bring simple healing benefits and sweetness into your life with lavender and honey products fresh from the farm. The all-natural lavender honey products and gift sets from Lavender Life bring out the very best of nature. Pick your favorite lavender-infused honey product to help soothe your mind and body while also using it for all your delicious treats to eat. Shop online today for the freshest deals!