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Xander Bunnies

They smell amazing, my kids love them and seem to sleep better with them. Cozy and warm! My husband and I have one for our bed as well!

Love My Bunny!

Night Nurse. Issues with day sleeping. I rest my cheek on the bunny and drift off. Tried other lavender products that was not effective. I really wanted the mocha color. However, when I actually ordered, it defaulted to the grey bunny. It is ok,though.

Love it

I love the smell. Fast shipping. Great products.

Great product

Very soft amazing color & great scent

Lovely bunny

I bought the little grey bunny for myself and oh my goodness it is so soft and lovely. It smells wonderful and I haven’t even warmed it yet. Lovely quality and beautiful packaging. What a pleasure to get value for my money.

2 lavender bunnys

My grandkids 3&5 so love them. They are awesome. I have given your web info to some other people. Hopefully they order something.

A superb Bunny that heals souls and friendships

I bought three of these little ones: one for me, one for a mental health first aid kit and one for a friend that I had a falling out with but I really wanted to gift with this because he loves lavender and bunnies. I also bought them because they provide for foster kids and I too was a foster kid long ago.
I named each of them, Pinkerton (pink), Brownie (mocha), and Earl Grey Rabbitea (gray). My friend chose to take home Brownie and since we opened up the boxes together, we were very surprised at how strong but pleasant the lavender was. We also found out about the lavender refresher and boy are they so soft and cuddly!! These bunnies also brought conversation and my friend and I are in the process of rekindling the friendship thanks to these little cuddle bugs. We're very pleased with our bunnies and I hope everyone at my job enjoys the other bunny and it brings comfort. I would love to purchase from this shop again at some point. Thank you for a perfect product 💜💜💜

Awesome Bunny

Your product is amazing!!
My little granddaughter is struggling with bedtime, and her bunny is her new best sleeping buddy.

Mocha Xander Bunny

I needed a birthday gift for a special one year old. When I saw that with every Xander bunny purchase, one is given to a child in foster care, I knew this would be the perfect gift. The extra lavender samples were an added blessing. Thanks so much.

Soft bunny

Beautiful gift for anyone. I gave to my 29 year old daughter. She lost a baby and loved it. I want to order another one for me.

Lavender Life Neck Wrap

Works perfectly and smells amazing even when just sitting out waiting to be used :-)

Beauty and Efficiency

Looks beautiful on my table and is long lasting. Very consistent running time and the right amount of scent. Love it!

Going to be a gift for great granddaughter. Love the look and smell.


This gorgeous little bunny is perfect. I bought it for a baby gift and cannot wait to give it to the mom. I really want to keep it for myself! I love that a foster child also gets a bunny with every one sold. Wonderful idea.

Love it!

I purchased one Xander bunny for my daughter and she loved it. Shes slept with it every night. I ended up ordering a second one for my youngest who's 2 months old (for her to have when shes older) and may order one for myself!

Love my Lavender Bunny!

When I unpacked my Bunny, it gave me such a happy feeling to know that a foster child is also receiving a sweet bunny too. What a wonderful gift for a child who is in Foster Care.

Great product

All the products I bought are great and I will purchase again

I Absolutely love it. Does it come in a travel size?

Love it!!!

Such a cute gift idea my grandma loved it!!


Bought for a baby shower, can't really review

Absolutely Lovely!!

Everything arrived packaged beautifully! The Xander bunny was a huge hit with my cousin’s daughter who has been sick most of the winter. I love the tea and honey. It’s perfect in the late afternoon. I have so much respect for your company’s giving a Xander for ever one purchased. Thank you for all your wonderful Products! I will absolutely be a long time customer. 😊💜


Vicki took such good care of me when a postal mishap lost the first shipment of my bunny. She got the replacement out to me quickly when I sent the re-order in, and my lovely soft bunny arrived speedily at a safer address. I love the bunny, and he's already doing good for helping my painful joints and relaxing. Thanks!

So amazing

I am truly in love with the lavender cream. I use it several times a day. Of course I ordered another Zander bunny. Love love love all of your products.