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great product and fast shipping


Sent my soon to be 67 year old sister a Xander bunny <3!
Made her open this present early, bday the 31st, but I couldn’t wait!
She is in love with her sweet Bun Bun ! I knew she would be and the double bonus of a foster child getting one to love too , made her present more special.
Thank y’all once again !

New Go-To Present

I always thought this bunny looked like a great present, and I wanted one for myself! I finally ordered one, and it was absolutley fantastic. Wonderful presentation, delightful aroma, and the gift box was totally worth the few extra dollars. Looking forward to needing another present so I can order another bunny. Thanks Lavendar Life Company, yor're the best.

They Loved it!

I bought 2 bunnies as a gift for a family member that just had a baby girl and the new big sister. When The Mama got the package, she was thrilled. Had been thinking of getting the lavender bunnies for her girls and told me that I must have been reading her mind. Big Sister (5 years Old) loved her bunny and Mom loved the lavender bath soak.

Real quality product from real quality people!

This bunny is perfect! This company is the real deal. We love our bunny! It brings comfort to our son with autism and the fact that they send one to a child in foster care brings us even more comfort. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company and all their products. ❤

Lavender lovelies.

So happy with my soaps and lavender cream . Our summers are beastly hot and creams should not be ordered at this time of year. I must only order them any other time of the year. I hope this helps others . The scent and quality is just exceptional , but my cream separated and is very oily...I still make it work and my skin feels and smells good.. It is still a great product. 🌞

Beautiful soft bunny for granddaughter to be!

Love this ministry! Xander bunny smells amazing!

Sleep bud

It is beautiful! I can’t wait until my granddaughter is born and can wear it 💜

Fast service and quality products. I love that a child in foster care will also receive one of the bunnies. Thanks.

LOVE it! Fast shipping, lovely packaging, and wonderful products!

This is my second bunny. I gave the first to my niece who was ill. I love him and sleep with it nightly. The lavender is so soothing. I know I'm a grown woman, but everyone needs some comfort. :) I also bought the cooking lavender trio and can't wait to use it!

So soft and sweet

The bunnies are so soft and smell so good. The thought that just with my purchase of this precious bunny a child in foster care gets one is so amazing. I may have to order another for my kids now. 😉


Wonderful product in a darling little bunny package. My granddaughter has a problem with anxiety and the lavender bunny helps her sleep. 🙂🙂

It’s wonderful!

I’m in end stage lung disease and the lavender scent is just strong enough to smell but not too strong as to be overwhelming for my breathing!


So cute awesome and a great idea of donating one to a child.

The Xander Bunny - Lavender Comfort Therapy Animal

Culinary set

I love it and looking on line for some special ways to use them so excited about this set


The bunny is so stinkin’ cute and smells deliciously lavender!

Wow - that’s one nice bunny’

This bunny is not only cute, soft and cuddly, but also extremely well made! Cute packaging, bunny donated to foster kids, etc just add to the delight! I would highly recommend to everyone!

Culinary Gift Trio-

Love Xander

Love love love this bunny!

The Xander Bunny - Lavender Comfort Therapy Animal

Best Ever!

I ordered myself a Xander bunny, came within a week or less and I absolutely love this cuddly bunny . Lol I’m 63, I have always adored bunnies that are special. Lavender Life Company’s Xander is so special I’ve already gifted one to my sister and plan to send another to a niece fighting breast cancer. Not only do they benefit but so does a Foster child.
This company’s personal caring of you and any purchases is awesome. They go the extra mile.
So rare these days. And to gift the bunny to Foster children makes them very special and blessed. Doing Gods work.
Try Lavender Life, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with their products.

These bunnies are absolutely beautiful. I bought the cream one for a friend who is pregnant. Unfortunately she lost the baby, I sure hope it gives her comfort.

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They're awesome!

They are gifts for the babies of I don't know how they were accepted yet. But when I do, you will. I think they're adorable!