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Bunny love!

I have bought two bunnies now and just love them. Not only are they filled with the best lavender but they are soft and cute. Love them!! I also love that they help others by giving a bunny in return. Love this company!


Not only is my bunny adorable but I could not believe how fast the service was.

Xander - The Lavendar Therapy Bunny

This sweet little bunny smells so good. I have decided to send him off to Ohio to be my sister's friend. And I will order another Xander for me. I am thrilled that two lavender bunnies will be shared with children in foster care. Thank you both so much for doing this good work.

Very happy!

We were very pleased with our purchase! I purchased for my fiance for after surgery and he loves it! I'll be looking for opportunities to purchase more for family and friends in the future. Thank you from creating such a unique product and for giving back to foster children in the process.

My kid and I fight over who gets to cuddle him!!

Lavender love

The lavender lovers pack is amazing. The body cream is so rich and wonderful. If you love lavender, you will be in heaven. I also purchased the Xander bunny. He is adorable and super soft and scented of lavender, which can be refreshed with an included spray.

Not enough words

To describe the Joy of knowing a Child in Need will receive a Xander of His/Her own! Y'all have the kindest hearts, best products, ridiculous fair prices and Best and Fastest Service! A Pure Pleasure! Thank You!

Fantastic gifts

I purchasedthese as gifts for friends that are pregnant. May have to order one for me.

Lavender Bunny

The bunny is amazing, and my daughter loves it for our granddaughter, she uses lavender all the time at bedtime. My decision to purchase YOUR bunny was your donation of one to a Foster child. that is so cool. thanks!

More than for littles.

I purchased Xander for my mother. Mom has Alzheimer's, so Xander's warmth and soothing scent bring a peaceful end to mom's anxious days / evenings. Thank you Xander.

Thank you!

I love it and will probably order more. I gave it to my future daughter-in-law who loves rabbits, and she loved it. I especially like it that you donate one to a child when I buy one.

In Love with a Bunny

I purchased the Xander Bunny for a friend who just had a baby. Her little boy loves his bunny. Now I think I need one for myself :-)

Totally Awesome

Xander Bunny is adorable and so comforting!

Best gift to give!

This is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever given someone. Adorable and useful. Smells amazing and feels good that you are giving one to a child who needs comfort.

My new go-to for baby gifts.
Love them and the fact you donate to other children.

Great product with a great purpose

I purchased 2 bunnies as gifts for my mom and mom-in-law. Both of them loved it!

Fabulous Neck Wrap

I love my Lavender Comfort Neck Wrap! It’s a little piece of heaven 😇. The bunny I purchased is for a gift but it is as cute as can be! Both products came in an adorable lavender bag and the bonus is the Lavender fog to renew the calming scent whenever it needs it. Thanks for the great products!!!💗

Very happy!

Love the bunny's name....little partial. I recently became a foster mom, and my current placement holds him tight at bedtime. Smells wonderful, and the ability to warm up is even more comforting. And I love that another kiddo in foster care, receives a bunny to snuggle.

Lavender Herb- Dried Culinary Lavender

The Xander Bunny - Lavender Comfort Therapy Animal- Plush Cream

Love ❤️

I have purchased three Xander Bunnies so far and everyone is beautiful! I will be purchasing more. There is so much love put into every bunny from the plush quality bunny to the packaging. And the best is the gift of a Xander Bunny to a Foster Child!! Thank you!! These bunnies will be loved ❤️

Love the candle

Love the lavender smell

Carmen & daughter Ann

A lovely, well appreciated Mother-daughter gift for Mother's Day. Arrived on time! This is my second order. I always emphasize that foster children will benefit from each purchase. Thanks again, mld


I gave the Xander bunny as a gift and had it shipped directly to the birthday "girl" (21!), I haven't seen it yet. She loves it though! Shipping was super went out legitimately within 3 hours of ordering and she received it 2 days later. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Thanks again for your mission. I'll be a forever customer.

Exceptional customer service

Products arrived so quickly, with communication the second the order was placed. Absolutely wonderful company to work with.