Loved & Never Alone

For each and every Xander Friend you purchase, we donate one to a child in foster care!

Our mission is to give a Xander Friend to everychild in foster care.

This super-soft stuffed animal has a warmable insert filled with lavender flowers, providing a relaxing scent that kids can take with them everywhere they go. See where we've donated.

Inspired by a real-life Xander, a foster child that came to our family needing comfort, our stuffed animals are ready to give!

All baby products are not created equal. If you’re welcoming a little one, be selective about what you bring into your home and use in your day-to-day care. From skin protection to textiles to sleep enhancers, our safe, organic products are hand-selected by people who care: Us!
Easter is AprilSunday,April 17! Shop early to get the best selection of Xander gifts to fill your Easter baskets. These gifts give back, so you can give a child in foster care a happy Easter, too!]
Daylight Saving Time is this weekend! As we spring forward an hour, it’s important to prepare our bodies for this sometimes problematic adjustment. Read our latest post to learn how you can take some steps to minimize disturbance and face the time change with a fresh perspective!
In the meantime, our poor cracked hands, parched lips, and head-to-toe thirsty skin are in need of relief. Lavender Life Company has combined comforting lavender and other gentle ingredients with rich emollients in a number of bath and body products to help saybye, bye dry.

Organic Lavender Grown With Love

From the bustling spa world to the relaxed, rural lifestyle, at Lavender Life Company we have always believed in the power of lavender. 

Our organic lavender skincare line, bath and body products, culinary lavender, Xander therapy bunnies, and more promote sleep and provide peace and tranquility, as well as peace of mind. They also do a little good along the way!  




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