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Lavender-Life 2021 Catalog

Lavender-Life Catalog

Loved & Never Alone

For each and every Xander Bunny you purchase, we donate one to a child in foster care!

Our mission is to give a Xander Bunny to everychild in foster care.

This super-soft stuffed animal has a warmable insert filled with lavender flowers, providing a relaxing scent that kids can take with them everywhere they go. See where we've donated.

Inspired by a real-life Xander, a foster child that came to our family needing comfort, our stuffed animals are ready to give!

The Morning Mix revisited one of our favorite farms - Lavender Life Farms in Caledonia. Vic and Vickie have been hard at work growing their business and their mission to help kids in foster care. Take a look and see how they've grown, some products you may want for yourself, and how you can help their mission.

Through the use of our our Lavender LIFE Teas, I have created a recipe that can be inter-changeable with any of our flavors. Lavender White Peony Tea Ice Cream anyone?