I love this honey. It goes so well with my slumber tea! I bought the smaller jar just to try it. I'll be ordering the larger jar!

Heather C.

Together, WE've donated

80,196 Xander Friends to Children in Foster Care

Our mission is to give a warmable, lavender-filled Xander Friend to every child in foster and/or kinship care - all 440,000 of them.

For each and every Xander Friend you purchase, we donate one to a child in foster care! Inspired by our grandson, Xander, a foster child that came to our family needing comfort, our stuffed animals are ready to hug and to give!

This super-soft stuffed animal has a warmable insert filled with lavender flowers, providing a relaxing scent and come in their own backpack, so that kids can take with them everywhere they go.

We donate through Community Partnerships.

See where we've donated.

Teetotaler Master Tea Set - Lavender Life Company
Teetotaler Master Tea Set
Sale price$225.99
Lavender Tea - Set of 4 Full Size Loose Teas - Lavender Life Company
Lavender Tea - Set of 4 Full Size Loose Teas
Sale price$68.99


Our Beginnings

2015 Lavender Life Farm was no more than a dream with a path. We had envisioned for years, building a lavender farm. But first we had to clear the 30 acre corn field.

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