Dry, Winter Skin Be Gone With Lavender to the Rescue

Dry, Winter Skin Be Gone With Lavender to the Rescue | Lavender Life Company

Dry, Winter Skin Be Gone With Lavender to the Rescue

The weather may be fluctuating and giving us occasional teases of sunshine and spring, but the calendar still says old Jack Frost plans stick around a few more weeks. Even as it starts to warm up and more humidity gets in the air, it can still take our skin a while to catch up—and start reaping the rewards that come with reduced furnace use, less wind blowing, and balmier temps.


In the meantime, our poor cracked hands, parched lips, and head-to-toe thirsty skin are in need of relief. Lavender Life Company has combined comforting lavender and other gentle ingredients with rich emollients in a number of bath and body products to help saybye, bye dry.


Let’s start with the hands. Repeated washings—something we’re doing even more of these days—is not doing us any favors. The soap we use can be the first step to softening and moisturizing our hands, as well as our entire bodies. Don’t let all that water go down the drain; keep a bar of Goat's Milk & Organic Lavender Soap by the sink and another in the shower to calm irritated skin. Or, psst… a little secret: our Honey Bud Bar with Lavender & Goat’s Milk isn’t just for babies. Adult elbows, knees, and toes will love it, too!


A mild soap will help, but it’s usually not enough to combat that rough, sandpapery skin. Follow up with our newest Hand & Body Lotion in lavender or lavender-pink grapefruit or try one of our long-time favorites, Lavender CREAM—or our Signature Lavender CREAM, which is blended with vetiver, palmarosa, and eucalyptus for an added boost of aromatherapy with every application. All of our lotions absorb quickly and deeply, to nourish and defend skin naturally.


Despite how many times we may look in the mirror, our faces still tend to get neglected when it comes to dealing with the effects of dry winter weather. We’ve formulated a number of all-natural face care products made with organic lavender and other botanicals that are suitable for all skin types. One of our favorites for sloughing away dead layers is our All-Natural Mineral Microbeads—and the scrub they give it is oh, so satisfying! Follow up with our QUENCH Facial Moisturizer for a soft, smooth glow that’s never heavy or greasy. These two used in tandem are great for starters, but for the full effect, we recommend our DermaLife Daily Skin Care System, which includes the latter, plus a refreshing Rosemary Tea Tree Facial Wash and a wonderfully scented Geranium Toner. Together this regimen feels like bringing the spa to your powder room!


Now, if your lips could talk (okay, okay, we know they can), they would tell you to slather on something soothing right away. We like this Lavender Balm & Lip Sugar Duo to first exfoliate, then moisturize, with a blend of humectants, cucumber, aloe vera, and more, plus our signature lavender essential oil—of course!


With all of these products on hand, you’ll stay one step ahead of winter, and have silky, summer-ready skin in no time. Find them all and more atLavender Life Co.     





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