Why We Love It: BUD Protect Emollient Stick

As a parent, there is nothing you want more than for your child to be both happy and healthy at all times. When you have a newborn or infant in your home, there are often things you don’t expect to cause your child to be uncomfortable, or even in pain. For example, many babies suffer from eczema and dry skin and as a parent, you have a ton of options when it comes to how you can treat it. When you choose the BUD Protect Emollient Stick from Little Buds Co., you not only get to offer relief to your child, but you can do it without having to worry. Little Buds Co. offers products that are made from all-natural ingredients so that you know your baby is safe from harmful preservatives and chemicals. Let’s take a closer look at how emollients can aid your child’s dry skin and why we absolutely love the Emollient Stick!

What Is An Emollient?

Plain and simple, emollients are moisturizers. They are offered in a number of different forms such as creams, lotions, ointments, and gels. These different products are made in order to soften the skin and protect it from additional damage. While emollient products are certainly nothing new to mothers and fathers alike, there is still much confusion that surrounds these moisturizers. When most hear the word ‘emollient’ only think of moisturizers, but emollients truly do far more than that. The best emollients, like the BUD Protect Emollient Stick from Little Buds Co. contain a number of helpful ingredients like lubricants and occlusives. All of these things work to aid the skin in the future as well as when they are first applied. Let’s discuss why this is:

Occlusives are things like cocoa butter and shea butter. These type of ingredients help to form a layer of both oil and water on the surface of the skin. This allows for moisture loss to decrease and also helps to protect skin that is sensitive to any allergens that might irritate it.

Lubricants, on the other hand, make the skin feel more “slippery” and help to prevent different fabrics from causing dry skin or eczema to flare up.


A Lifelong Product

One of the best things about emollients is that they can be used from the day your baby is born and thereafter. Because they are safe and made to treat issues that even newborns have with their skin, you can feel great knowing there is a solution to your baby’s discomfort.

In fact, there has been research conducted that shows that using an emollient product on your child as little as twice a day may reduce the chances of an eczema breakout anywhere from 33 to 50 percent. Without that irritated and scratchy skin, both you and your baby will be much happier.

Heal Your Baby’s Skin the Natural Way

While there are plenty of emollients offered on the market today, the majority of them contain ingredients that could actually do the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve. That is why we recommend that parents everywhere invest in the BUD Protect Emollient Stick. This stick not only helps to relieve the symptoms of eczema, but it is also an amazing natural solution to preventing diaper rash. Made in the United States with no parabens, phthalates, petroleum, or SLS, and in a convenient push-up tube, the BUD Protect Emollient Stick is a mess-free way of providing your child with relief.

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We absolutely love this product as it is not only all-natural, but it is safe for everyone to use regardless of age or severity of skin dryness. If you want to invest in a wonderful emollient product that is not only healing but also smells of relaxing lavender and chamomile, start shopping Little Buds Co. today! We know you will love this baby care product just as much as we do.