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A New Xander Bunny Community Partner!



The Community Partners initiative encourages individuals or groups to spread our message through the Xander Bunnies and help us reach more foster agencies so that we can keep donating bunnies to children in foster care.

We are incredibly grateful for all our community partners and want to thank our newest addition to the team, Destiny. Destiny is a wonderful woman who fosters kids with special needs; she and her husband recently adopted little Juney, who is blind and autistic and a truly wonderful kid who loves his own Lavender Xander Bunny.

Destiny, through personal experience with fostering, understands how difficult it can be for kids to be a part of the foster system, and how something as simple as a stuffed animal can make all the difference in their day–especially when they’re filled with naturally soothing lavender.

As our newest community partner, Destiny is now helping us cover all of Bell County, Texas and we have sent her 300 Xander Bunny kits that she will be delivering to kids in foster care in her community.

We now have community partners in over 53 counties across the nation and we’re filled with joy from the positive response this initiative has gotten.

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