Delivering Love in the Lone Star State This Week

Delivering Love in the Lone Star State This Week | Lavender Life Company

We love lavender, but we also love children in foster care! And our mission is always to remind these incredible kids that they are loved and cared for. November is National Adoption Month, and we hope you’ll take time this month to reflect on the 440,000-plus children currently in U.S. foster care system waiting for their forever, loving home.

We are honoring this important month by delivering some special gifts to some extraordinary people. Last weekend we loaded up our trailer and hit the road to the Lone Star State! We are so excited to be in Texas all week, delivering more than 1,000 Xander bunnies to several organizations that provide important adoption and foster care services. These Xander bunnies will go directly to children in foster care, and we are so happy to know they will have a soft, warmable companion that’s all their own…no matter where they go.

Check out our schedule this week:
• Tuesday, Nov. 17—Dallas
• Wednesday, Nov. 18—Waco
• Thursday, Nov. 19—San Antonio and Austin
• Friday, Nov. 20—Houston

To everyone who’s bought a Xander Bunny, thank you. Because for every bunny purchased online – we donate one. You are the reason we are able to do this. We appreciate your support in this endeavor that means so much to us. We are thrilled that to date, we’ve been able to give a Xander bunny to more than 24,000 children across the United States. Let’s keep going!

Our first stop in Dallas at Pathways Youth and Family Services. 




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