Life on the Farm Lately

Life on the farm lately has been busy – the good, fun kind of busy that we truly love because it’s harvest time! The lavender has started to bloom, which means it’s time for cutting…and the lavender is at the height of its fragrance.

Our team expands during harvest, and we enjoy having 10 extra “farm kids” around who help gather the lavender from our four-plus acres with more than 2,000 bushes. Another team is geared up to hang it for drying. This is an important part of the process, when we group and hang the bunches upside down, so the stalks dry in an upright shape – which helps maintain their shape. They’ll dry for about a week before the de-budding gets underway. Victor really capitalized on the knowledge of our physician kids and his expertise to create an incredible de-budding machine that utilizes surgical brushes to gently loosen and remove the buds. Talk about speeding up the process!

We’re mainly harvesting our culinary lavender right now. And each type of lavender has its own unique flavor and fragrance, which makes them wonderful to use in many different foods and beverages. White lavender is a bit on the sweeter side, and the purple folgate is vibrantly aromatic without piney undertones. Our royal velvet harvest is just wow! Amazing, deep color and its bold fragrance makes it popular with bees and butterflies. We can’t wait to use all of these in our culinary products like our LIFE Teas, chocolate, and infused honey. 

We are busy, but so grateful for this year’s beautiful harvest and the journey ahead in making our lavender products for you!




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