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On A Mission to Help At-Risk Kids


“Every now and then someone comes along that touches our hearts forever after”. This is how a recent article about Vic and Vickie and their mission, posted on Regency RV’s website, started.

That got me thinking: that’s exactly how Vic and Vickie felt when they first met their grandson, Xander. As the article explains, Xander joined the family as a foster child at two years old. They didn’t know it at the time, but little Xander would inspire them to start a mission that would take them all across the country and, just as their grandson touched their hearts, they would be able to do the same for thousands of children in foster care.

Making A Difference With Lavender

lavender life company donates bunnies to foster careRegency RV’s article then goes on to explain that, as we know, lavender offers many benefits, including anxiety relief and better sleep, which Vic and Vickie realized can make a big difference in the life of a child in foster care. They knew they had the means to make someone’s day a little brighter and they took full advantage; that’s how the Xander Bunny was created, with their little Xander in mind and thousands of kids, without a family of their own, in their hearts.

Eventually, they were able to expand their business to include some of those former foster children as employees.

As time passed and their Xander bunny initiative got more traction, they were able to buy an RV and, as Recency RV stated, that was the missing piece that allowed them to take their work with them wherever they go and now they can do business as usual on-the-go, donating even more bunnies and making new, meaningful connections with people all over the country. They love their RV just as much as Recency RV loves their mission.

You can read what Regency RV had to say about Vic and Vickie and their Xander bunny initiative here and you can become a friend of the bunny here and help them reach even more children.

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