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I had plans and schemes for the new year. Having breast cancer was not part of those.

When I met Vic & Vickie, I couldn’t imagine a more suited client to work with. When I was first introduced to their Xander Bunny, I secretly wanted one for myself. That surprise in the mail? It was just that: my own Bun-Bun (yes, I named it Bun-Bun) ordered for me by a high school friend who was connected with Lavender Life through me. How cool is that?!  

But what adult needs a stuffed toy? At that moment, and for all the tests and scans and procedures and recoveries that came later, I did. And now that I’m getting back to a semblance of normalcy, I still do.

Most of all, along with the candles, mugs, and other thoughtful keepsakes I was given, it reminded me that I was loved. Facing a life-threatening illness is hard. Love makes it easier.   

...another group of first responders rarely gets noticed nor appreciated - particularly those that are on the front lines of rescuing kids that have been abused or abandoned.  Xander Bunnies are helping to celebrate these unsung heroes.




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