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It's Raining Cats and Dogs—and Bunnies! Shop Easter Gifts That Give Back.

Easter is April Sunday, April 17! Shop early to get the best selection of Xander gifts to fill your Easter baskets. These gifts give back, so you can give a child in foster care a happy Easter, too!]

Bunnies are one of the more prominent symbols of the Easter holiday—and Lavender Life Company has a few of them, to say the least, in their Xander stuffed animal shop.


Though heatable Xander Stuffed Bunnies hop off their shelves faster than they can pack them when spring rolls around, these plush stuffed animals are popular year ‘round as a comforting gift for kids and even adults. That’s because they’re more than just a toy; they become a companion—and best friend for life. Now that ultra-soft therapy dogs and therapy cats have been added to the shop, there’s even more to love.


Inside these microwaveable stuffed animals is a small bag filled with dried, organic lavender and cherry stones that, when heated, releases a therapeutic aroma that calms the mind and body.


Lavender Life Company designed them to accompany children in foster care, and their Buy a Xander Friend, Give a Xander program ensures that these little ones, no matter where they go, have a stuffed animal to carry with them that’s theirs and theirs alone. When customers buy any Xander stuffed animal for Easter—not just bunnies—they send one to a foster child! Shop online here.


That’s what sets the Xander stuffed animals apart from just any soft toy to put in an Easter basket or give as a gift. These cuddly animals give more…


More comfort. Xander stuffed animals—all available in regular size and extra-large—are made of the softest, plush material available, making them huggable, lovable, and incredibly soothing.


More relaxation. Lavender is known for its quieting properties that reduce anxiety and promote sleep—something everyone needs these days, not just babies and children.


More kindness. For every Xander gift given, one goes to a child in foster care, reminding them that they’re loved and never alone.


More, more! With the Friends of the Bunny program, customers can donate both stuffed animals (whether a bunny, dog, or cat) and help further the Lavender Life Company mission to be an engine to support kids at risk worldwide.


When shopping for Easter—something everyone is encouraged to do soon, as it’s right around the corner!—consider filling Easter baskets with Xander gifts that honor the spirit of the season while also bringing lasting joy to whomever receives them. And, what goes better in an Easter basket than chocolate? Nothing we can think of! Add some Organic Lavender Chocolate Hearts to make your gift as sweet as it is loving.   


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