Not Just for Kids: Xander Bunnies Offer Therapy for Adults, Too

A funny thing happened to me as I was coasting in to 2019. I had spent the previous few months hustling like crazy with new writing projects and new clients, and, off and on, helping Vic & Vickie promote the virtues of lavender and the goodness of their Xander Bunny program. I was also administering an online menopause support group and spending a bit of time researching and learning about ways to alleviate symptoms.

I had plans and schemes for the new year. Having breast cancer was not part of those.

But that was what happened. I was diagnosed in early January and have been on a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride ever since. You can read more about that here, if you’re interested.

What came following my diagnosis was plenty of fear and uncertainty—but also an overwhelming amount of support. Friends and family from near and far sent cards and care packages and texts. Calls came in; hugs—both real and virtual—were offered.

Even long lost classmates reached out, and, one day, while I was home alone awaiting results (and entertaining dark thoughts), a much-needed bit of comfort from one of them arrived at my doorstep.

I’ve been a lavender true believer for years. I drink lavender tea for headaches, soak with it in the bath to ease into sleep, and even keep a bottle of essential oil in my car to sniff when I feel nerves coming on. It also reminds me of my mother, who loved lavender everything, and left us too soon in 2016.

When I met Vic & Vickie, I couldn’t imagine a more suited client to work with. When I was first introduced to their Xander Bunny, I secretly wanted one for myself. That surprise in the mail? It was just that: my own Bun-Bun (yes, I named it Bun-Bun) ordered for me by a high school friend who was connected with Lavender Life through me. How cool is that?!  

But what adult needs a stuffed toy? At that moment, and for all the tests and scans and procedures and recoveries that came later, I did. And now that I’m getting back to a semblance of normalcy, I still do.

Many people struggling with an illness spend time resting in bed or on the couch—or away from home in a cold, unfamiliar hospital room. Like the fuzzy socks, blankets, and slippers I received as gifts, the Xander Bunny was soft and soothing. It gave me something to cuddle with. And, yes, many days I needed a good cuddle.

The bunny’s lavender-infused, warm-able aspects provided me with the many benefits lavender is known for, like reducing anxiety and promoting sleep. I was in recovery during the winter’s polar vortex, bomb cyclone, ice storms, and wind blasts—all of which added to my unrest and isolation. I heated and re-heated my bunny A LOT.    

Most of all, along with the candles, mugs, and other thoughtful keepsakes I was given, it reminded me that I was loved. Facing a life-threatening illness is hard. Love makes it easier.   


If someone in your life is suffering, whether it’s with physical, mental, or emotional wellness, A Xander Bunny can help. And, because for every one purchased, one is given to a child in foster care, your gift goes even further.

You can even get a special 2.0 Bunny, embroidered with a pink ribbon and inspired by my and others’ experience with breast cancer.


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