Self-care comes in many forms. At Lavender Life Company, how we fit in to the equation is with our aromatherapy products that can address sleep disturbances and nervousness brought on by stressful situations. We know that lack of sleep has real repercussions, as does prolonged emotional strain. Following are some simple practices involving lavender that will have you feeling more relaxed and restful—and less anxious—in no time.
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Nothing says “I Love You” like giving decedent chocolates truffles on Valentine’s Day, especially if you made them yourself!
What’s better in the heat than berries and lavender? In our book, nothing beats it. Check out the blog for this refreshing summertime recipe, complete with some of our favorite ingredients!
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In ancient times, lavender was a go-to herb in many households, with applications ranging from bathing to laundering to healing. More than just a lovely garden flower or balmy fragrance, it was reputed to have a host of therapeutic qualities, and was used as an antiseptic for dressing wounds, a sleep aid and relaxant, and an analgesic.

Results of recent studies support this trend, elevating lavender from its place in folkloric anecdotes to a bona fide option for alleviating certain types of pain, including arthritis, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, and headache. 

I had plans and schemes for the new year. Having breast cancer was not part of those.

When I met Vic & Vickie, I couldn’t imagine a more suited client to work with. When I was first introduced to their Xander Bunny, I secretly wanted one for myself. That surprise in the mail? It was just that: my own Bun-Bun (yes, I named it Bun-Bun) ordered for me by a high school friend who was connected with Lavender Life through me. How cool is that?!  

But what adult needs a stuffed toy? At that moment, and for all the tests and scans and procedures and recoveries that came later, I did. And now that I’m getting back to a semblance of normalcy, I still do.

Most of all, along with the candles, mugs, and other thoughtful keepsakes I was given, it reminded me that I was loved. Facing a life-threatening illness is hard. Love makes it easier.   

Vic and & Vickie’s grandkids were the inspiration for their creation. They wanted not only a more healthful snack for Xander and his little cousins, but also a way to engage them in productive activities when they visited. The Gummy Kit & Kaboodle was their solution.




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