Lavender 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Soothing Medicinal Herb

Lavender 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Soothing Medicinal Herb

Love lavender? There’s more to it than you may know! From insomnia to stress to pain, and more, there’s a lavender application to offer you relief. Read on to get the lavender basics!]
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If you keep lavender products around the house mostly because you love the fresh, floral scent, you’re in for a treat: Lavender can do way more than just fill your rooms with fragrance. Considered a wonder herb, it has an abundance of uses that can have a positive effect on nearly every aspect of your life.


Lavender, whether inhaled via aromatherapy, applied topically through a lotion or oil, absorbed in a bath, or consumed in its culinary form, can be used to address a number of issues that many of us experience regularly.  


We, at Lavender Life Company, not only create luscious lavender products on our farm, we also use them in our daily life. Here are just some of the ways lavender improves our days—and how it can make yours better, too!


Get Quality Sleep. Lavender acts as a sedative and naturally increases feelings of restlessness. Used in the evening when it’s time to wind down, it can help induce sleep and, because it works on the central nervous system, help you sleep better and longer. Some of our favorite products designed with sleep in mind are our Lavender Fog Aromatherapy Spray Mist and our comforting Lavender Eye Pillow.


Calm Anxiety. For the same reasons that it aids in rest, lavender also relaxes the mind and reduces agitation. Lavender essential oil heated in a diffuser fills the air and can promote relaxation all day long. A warm bath with lavender bubbles or salts can also ease the mind and body.  


Alleviate Menopause Symptoms. Sleep disturbances and nervousness can happen to anyone, but they’re especially prevalent in women in menopause and perimenopause. As you’ve already read, lavender can help with these concerns! In addition, it can cool hot flashes and night sweats, further aiding in better sleep and a greater sense of wellbeing. Try drinking some lavender-infused tea with breakfast, in the afternoon, before bed—or all day long.    


Ease Aches and Pains. Whether it’s sore muscles, arthritic pain, or headaches, lavender has been shown to provide relief. Try some rich, creamy lotion to massage into your skin, or apply our Roll-On Essential Oil to the temples, neck, or joints. 

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