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Anything-But-Ordinary Valentine Sweets for Your Sweetheart

Whether you go for a romantic Valentine’s Day or one that involves all of your loved ones, thoughtful gifts from Lavender Life Company will show how much you truly care!


Anything-But-Ordinary Valentine Sweets for Your Sweetheart
Here’s a hint, Valentine: your significant other will probably know if you stopped at the pharmacy the day of February 14 and picked up one of those cash-register roses or a box of potentially stale, ambiguously filled big-name chocolates. While remembering at all to shop for gifts for your main squeeze on
Valentine’s Day is better than not, you’ll earn more points for planning ahead. We, at Lavender Life Company, are here to help! We have lovingly curated a list of our top picks for deluging your dear one with delicious delights.


First, let’s talk chocolate—the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. We covered a creamy chocolate ganache drenched in lavender-vanilla-bourbon extract with 72% dark chocolate to create our Lavender Deep Dark Chocolate Truffles. Weighing in at nearly half a pound and packaged in a gift box tied with a velvet ribbon, these truffles have a major wow factor. In addition to their rich lusciousness, they’re also organic and vegan making them an appealing gift for those with discerning palates as well as dietary restrictions. Add these to your cart now and you’ll thank us later!     


Another treat for those who like to savor the finer things is our Lavender Tea & Chocolate Gift Box Set. It features your choice of one of our LIFE teas and organic, fair-trade lavender chocolate bites in either deep dark cherry or ruby dark chocolate, plus lavender-infused raw honey and a honey dipper, a tea infuser, and a mood-creating Lavender Glow soy candle. It all comes beautifully boxed, so extra wrapping is optional. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift for your one and only!


If your darling likes to get a little daring in the kitchen, our Culinary Lavender Gift Set Trio is the recipe for Valentine gift-giving success. Choose from either lavender or lavender-vanilla extract, which is paired with jars of organic, dried culinary lavender flower buds and raw lavender honey, for a veritable trifecta of tantalizing tastes that can be added to baked goods, beverages, and other sweet or savory dishes. Try our recipe for Lavender Chocolate Truffles or read about the many additional ways culinary lavender can be used.  


Few gifts tug at the heart the way that homemade ones do. Say, “I made them myself!” with our Lavender Shortbread Sandies. Order this cookie kit and bake up a batch (with a bit of butter from your fridge) and present to your Valentine on a decorative plate. Or, how about breakfast in bed to pamper your paramour? They’ll flip for a stack of flapjacks cooked up by you with a little help from our Lavender Buckwheat Malted Buttermilk Pancake Kit. It comes with a bottle of hand-crafted Lavender-Vanilla-Bourbon Maple Syrup, Lavender-Maple-Montmorency Syrup, or Lavender Rich Syrup—you decide which! We also like a sprinkling of our mineral-packed Late Season, Organic Maple Sugar on other breakfast goodies, like toast and steel cut oats, or mixed into plain yogurt.


Want a Valentine’s Day Gift the whole family can enjoy? Say “I love you” with an activity that gets everyone involved! Our Gummy Kit & Kaboodle has all the ingredients you need to make four batches of yummy gummies (that’s 96-plus!). They’re much healthier—and better tasting—than anything store bought, and they’re fun to make, too. They’re flavored with unsweetened, Montmorency tart cherry concentrate and sweetened with raw, lavender-infused honey—both of which are rich in beneficial nutrients and properties.


Whether you go for a romantic Valentine’s Day or one that involves all of your loved ones, thoughtful gifts from Lavender Life Company will show how much you truly care!

Pictured are Organic Lavender Chocolate Hearts 

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