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Xander Community Partner Questionnaire


Xander Community Partner Questionnaire

Thank You for your interest in becoming a Xander Community Partner in your county, and reminding the most vulnerable that they are loved and not alone. Please complete this form in its entirety and send back to, so we can prepare donations in your community.


1. Your name ____________________________; email________________________; phone #_______________


2. County/ies you want to cover____________________________________________State ________________


3. # of children served in foster care annually in this county______________________________________


4. Name of agencies who provide foster care in this county ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


5. Address of where a donation shipment would be delivered:

__________________________________ Name of building, business/or residence

__________________________________ Street


__________________________________State _________________________Zip

__________________________________Name of contact ________________phone #

6. I am committing to (please check):

______Build a relationship with ALL foster care agencies in my county;

______Receive and store ( if necessary) Xander kits for the entire year;

______Pay Freight cost for donation to be shipped to me ($.55-1.35/ea Xander depending on volume and location). Shipments may also be picked up on the farm in west Michigan;

______Ship the empty duffle back to Laveder Life Company (464 Stanton Farms Drive SE Caledonia, MI 49316) We reuse them over and over again; 

______Put the kits together (stuff lavender pouch in Xander Friend; place in the backpack and tie a bow - (approximately 2 minutes/Xander);

______Deliver to all agencies as they need them; &

______Spread the word. We are able to donate with a grass roots support of many.


_____________________________________Signed _______________________Date