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Eight Swoon-Worthy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

 We Love Mom 

As parents to four daughters and eight grandchildren and counting, the Bennetts know a lot about mom life. Drawn from Vickie’s own experience as well as their many years in the spa and pampering business, the Bennetts have developed an array of products that cater and appeal to moms of all kinds, from new and expectant to experienced to retired—though a mom never really hangs up her hat, does she?!


As Mother’s Day nears, so pops up the eternal question: “What does mom want?” Lavender Life Company knows the answer, and has something for every special someone on your list. Shop for mom today, with these inspired ideas.


Sniff. Lavender is one of the darlings in the essential oil and aromatherapy realm for many reasons. It not only smells fresh and florally, it also promotes calm and relaxation—something all moms need from time to time. Whether it’s a decorative oil diffuser, room spray, or candle, the scent of lavender in the air simply says, ahhh. Shop all aromatherapy here.


Soak. A warm bath is one of the pillars of self-care, and a little lavender in the tub creates a spa-like experience right in their own home. Spoil mom silly with lavender-infused dead sea salts, skin-softening goat’s milk soap, exfoliating sugar cubes, or some fragrant bath bubbles.


Soothe. If Drew Barrymore loves it, moms will, too! That’s right, the Lavender Life Company neck wrap has reached nationwide notoriety after being discovered by Drew and her team. Filled with lavender and non-GMO grains, this popular Mother’s Day gift is warmable and comforting and delivers aromatic heat therapy to ease aches and stiffness. Pair it with an eye pillow for the ultimate in relaxation.   


Sleep. A good nighttime routine can ensure better rest, and after a soak in the tub followed by a warming neck wrap and eye pillow, moms can slip into a cozy nightshirt and sink into sweet dreams. Super-soft cotton in a vibrant purple hue and imprinted with the message “Meet me in the lavender fields,” these jammies will be mom’s new favorite.   


Sip. Lavender doesn’t just smell wonderful, it also tastes delicious, and when steeped for a hot or cold beverage, its benefits multiply. Created right in the Lavender Life Company’s test kitchen, these signature tea blends contain a little spice and a little zest and, of course, a healthy dash of lavender—plus a sprinkling of other surprise ingredients you won’t find in run-of-the-mill grocery aisle teas. Shop them all here.     


Savor. The taste of lavender doesn’t just complement tea, it also has several applications in the kitchen, from honey and extract to the buds themselves. Made with culinary lavender, these items can be used for sweet or savory applications, in place of standard sweeteners or flavors, such as sugar or vanilla. Moms can impress their guests with beverages, treats, and dishes that are anything but ordinary!


Shine. Give moms a radiant glow with skin care products that are backed by 35 years in the spa industry. Whether used on their own or with the complete DermaLife Skincare System, these toners, oils, masks, and washes—all infused with lavender—will bring out the best in her skin. Try their newest product, the Lavender Chocolate Ganache Mask, which sounds good enough to eat! It’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that also heal and moisturize—and smells heavenly, too.


Soften. Now, more than ever, our hands are taking the brunt of excessive washing and sanitizing. That combined with the normal dryness and cracking caused by cold winter air and ever-blowing furnaces, our skinfrom head to toecould really use some relief. Butter mom up with rich Lavender Cream lotion. It’s silky, it’s nourishing, and lightly perfumed with lavender that will transport her to fields of purple, summer blooms.  


And, there you have it! These Mother’s Day gifts are just what any mom in your life wants to open this year. Treat her to the very best from Lavender Life Company.   


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