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Fall is Here...It's Time to "Spice" up your Tea


It’s the first day of fall. And who doesn’t love the official change of seasons?

What do you love most about the close of summer and preparing for autumn? Do you start pulling out your flannel? Does fall foliage wake up your spirit? So many people look at the changing season as a fresh new start with crisper temperatures, while others are simply blissful that pumpkin spice “everything” has made its way to the coffee shop menus and grocery stores aisles.

Well…move over pumpkin spice, there’s a twist on fall flavors – and we have the perfect seasonal sip you’ll want to try -- Spice of Life Chai Tea. This recipe features a beautiful blend of savory and sweet that will satisfy your fall cravings, and is a fantastic way to soothe your senses. 

Happy fall, ya'll! Enjoy! 

  1. Brew LIFE chai tea in 8 cups of water
  2. While brewing, heat milk, sugar and syrup in a saucepan, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar, until it's boiling and begins to foam.
  3. Pour tea in to your cup, then pour the heated milk mixture in your tea
  4. Spoon the foam over the tea, and sprinkle with culinary lavender

You can ensure sure your tea always has that extra special flavor with our culinary lavender trio, which includes lavender herbs, honey, and extract. Don't forget the Lavender Rich Syrups as well! These are also perfect additions to so many recipes. You'll love the flavor that lavender adds!    


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