• 634 Days!

    634 days of transition, landed in a permanent forever home for this little boy.  There are presently over 118 thousand others waiting to be adopted. Perhaps your family too could be blessed this way?
  • Lavender Recipes- Sweet & Savory!

    When done right, culinary lavender can provide a unique and delightful richness to both sweet and savory dishes.  Try these two festive recipes straight from our own Lavender Life Company kitchen!
  • Xanders to the Rescue!

    ...another group of first responders rarely gets noticed nor appreciated - particularly those that are on the front lines of rescuing kids that have been abused or abandoned.  Xander Bunnies are helping to celebrate these unsung heroes.
  • Lavender - A Fragrant Symphonic Experience

    "Like a perfect flux of bass, mid, and top notes that evoke a full spectrum of emotion at the symphony, lavender too, is comprised of a blend of fragrant bass, mid and top notes, enrapturing us like no other herb."
  • Xander’s Story : How One Child Inspired Us to Help Countless Foster Children in Need

    Mixed Messages As a family through the years, we have gravitated toward rescuing at-risk kids. Kids in crumbling family units, abuse and/or neglect...
  • "Purple Acres"- Why We Left Business in NYC to Start a Lavender Farm

    Our pursuit to develop Lavender Life Company in Caledonia, Michigan, has been compared to the 1960’s sitcom “Green Acres” with Lisa and Oliver Douglas fleeing complicated Manhattan living to retreat to the farm life of Hooterville ...
  • Why We Love It: BUD Coat Diaper Cream

    One of the most annoying aspects of being a new parent is diaper duty. Don’t get us wrong, we know you love your baby and you would literally do an...
  • Why We Love It: BUD Protect Emollient Stick

    As a parent, there is nothing you want more than for your child to be both happy and healthy at all times. When you have a newborn or infant in you...