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Xander Bunny - Super-Soft, Lavender Stuffed Bunny - Lavender Life CompanyXander Bunny - Super-Soft, Lavender Stuffed Bunny - Lavender Life Company
Xander Bunny - Lavender Stuffed Bunny
Sale price$39.95
Xander Dog - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal - Lavender Life CompanyXander Dog - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal
Xander Dog - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal
Sale price$39.95
Xander Cat - Lavender Life CompanyXander Cat - Lavender Life Company
Xander Cat - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal
Sale price$39.95
Xander Fawn - Lavender Comfort Stuffed AnimalXander Fawn - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal
Xander Duck - Lavender Comfort Stuffed AnimalXander Duck - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal
Xander Fox - Lavender Comfort Stuffed AnimalXander Fox - Lavender Comfort Stuffed Animal

Xander Bunny comes in multiple colors and sizes so that you can find the perfect cat stuffed animal for your child, including:

  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Blush
  • Mocha
  • Lavender
  • Snow
  • Robin
  • Pistachio
  • Rosie

This snuggly stuffed animal also has a glo-in-the-dark heart on its paw. This heart can easily be recharged in direct sunlight or any other light source, making it a fun addition to the Xander Bunny.

He also has a pouch that holds lavender buds and Michigan cherry stones that can be warmed up or cooled down for a soothing lavender scent that's perfect for bedtime! Lavender has powerful calming effects. If your child wrestles with sleepless nights and deals with anxiety, lavender can ease the mind and body. It also works wonders to calm headaches and put your child in a calm overall state.

Lavender doesn't just have a lovely smell, it can also boost mood. For example, after a stressful day, a child can hold on to a super-soft lavender stuffed bunny to feel better. Or, your child can start the day with a lavender stuffed bunny in their hands and boost their productivity to get more done. On top of this, the glow-in-the-dark heart on the bunny's foot helps remind children of all ages they are loved and never alone.

Simply warm the bunny in the microwave for 20 seconds, to get 20 minutes or more of warmth and soothing, therapeutic support.

To keep your bunny clean and fluffy, hand-washing is the best option!

Size Options

The Xander Bunny is 13" x 8" and the reusable, removable heat/cooling pack is 6" x 7".

If you'reinterested in something a little larger, the XL Xander Bunny offers all the cuddles, comfort, and relaxation you're looking for in a larger package. At 3 times larger than the standard size, the XL Xander Bunny weighs over 4 lbs!

Order the Xander Bunny for yourself or as a gift, add some cute stuffed bunny clothing, or a gift box at checkout, and we'll ship him out right away!

Custom Options

Make your Xander Bunny look exactly how you want with the custom clothing options we offer. From fun and casual to fancy for a day on the town, you can choose the clothing that helps you (and your bunny) express yourself!

Buy One, Give One

Not only will your favorite kids love Xander, but for every stuffed Xander bunny you buy, we will donate one to a child in foster care! Learn more here. A lavender-scented weighted stuffed bunny can provide children with many comfort and healing properties, perfect for easing the transition for children in foster care.

A Weighted Stuffed Animal

Because the Xander Bunny is weighted, it allows children to feel a wave of calming and comforting sensations by the pressure the weight provides. It provides the same effect that a massage or hug can provide. As more children crave touch and connection in the disconnected and digital world today, the weighted pressure of the Xander bunny can help them cope.

The pandemic has shot up rates of mental health cases. At this time, children may desperately crave connection and touch. Warmth against the skin, pressure, and hugs can activate somatosensory nerves and release oxytocin.

Bring a Xander bunny into your child's bedtime routine to help them calm their mind and breathe in the lavender scent, which provides comfort and relaxation. Especially if your child has sleep disturbances and restlessness, this may be a solution worth trying out instead of reaching for medication.

For Kids of all Ages!

A scented stuffed animal will bring bring you child happiness and familiarity. The non-threatening and cute look will invite any child in for a hug when they seek comfort. A stuffed bunny will be a loyal buddy they can go to that they love.

Get a Xander Bunny for a child you care about to provide them comfort and relief. These weighted stuffed animals are a great staple to add to a bedtime routine or to have around whenever the child needs it. The Xander Bunny scented stuffed animal comes in various colors, including plush grey, plush cream, blush pink, mocha, lavender, snow white, robin blue, pistachio green and rosie pink.